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Hi Neighbors,

The word on the street? Homes with appealing front views can sell faster, lift moods and convey a warm welcome. Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, a fresh and welcoming exterior is a wonderful thing to come home to each day.  From front doors, house numbers and porch furnishing to color schemes, landscaping and basic repairs, this smorgasbord of ideas will hopefully inspire a few changes around your own home.


 12 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal 

1.       Add big, bold house numbers.  It’s so easy to swap out house numbers, and this one thing can make a huge impact. Echo your house style in the numbers you choose.

2.         Paint the front door.   A front door that pops can be hugely cheering. Read up on all the options at your local paint store. Use their paint chips and brochures to take home with you, to help make a decision.

3.         Add fresh porch furniture.  A pair of matching rockers, Adirondack chairs or a cozy glider, if you have the room is a must when you have a front porch that is visible from the street. Take away the snow shovel or anything else that shouldn’t be there. Put out a nice welcome mat and a planter with seasonal flowers.

4.         Swap out porch lighting.  Try replacing tiny sconces with a big, statement-making pendant light, add recessed lighting beneath the eaves or install solar lights along the front walk.

5.         Add a hot-red accent. Red has such vibrancy; a little goes a very long way. Try a bright red bench, planter or mailbox to add zing that can be seen from across the street.

6.         Do some hardscaping   New paths, concrete planters or low stone path boarders. Cement, stone and pavement all can split and crack over time. Repairing or replacing damaged areas can do wonders to freshen up your home’s street view.

7.         Spruce up the side yard. Camouflage an eyesore with attractive fencing, clear out weeds and lay out a neat path to the backyard.

8.         Add depth with a fence.  A low fence around a property not only adds a welcome boundary between a hectic street and a private space, but it also makes the front yard seem larger.

9.         Landscaping. Refresh your garden and lawn. Add seasonal blooming flowers, edge your lawn and rake up all the dead leaves that have fallen in the beds from last fall. If you have a vegetable garden that is not planted yet, till the ground and get rid of the weeds.

10.         Paint the garage door.  The garage takes up a lot of visual space, so it pays to make sure it looks its best.

11.      Refinish the porch floor or stain your deck.  If your porch floor has seen better days, renew it by stripping off old layers of paint and finish, brushing on stain or paint. Same goes for your deck.

Add a shiny new door knocker. Gorgeous hardware (plus a glossy paint job) can make even the plainest door look very classy.


 I am not suggesting that you have to do all of these things, but even a few outdoor changes will enhance your curb appeal and make you home more desirable before the buyer walks in the door. 

If you need more staging advice, give me a call, 

               I can make it happen.

                      Warm Regards,